human impact

brinlee lovelace


Littering is a very negative impact we leave on the ecosystem. When we throw down a piece of trash, it multiplies and causes animals to die and sometimes even a whole species. To fix this we need to start throwing our trash in a trash can. There are several groups of people fighting to keep mother nature healthy such as the EPA, NOAA and PCB. They go out and help clean up and fight for new laws on no littering.
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Over fishing

Lately, over fishing has been a big problem and its getting worse. Fishermen go out fishing, but the fishers take out too many fish before they can reproduce. Sometimes they catch turtles and other marine life that come anywhere near the fishing nets. Fisher man may need to catch fish for food, but there has to be a limit so the fish can keep multiplying. Also coral reefs break of and die because not as many fish are tending to them and when the reefs die, that also causes MORE fish to die. There is a group called UN. They have requested several times to lower how much fish people pull out of the water. Eventually, they got their wish, and lowered the fishing to 50% of what it was before.
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Proper desposal

People who put gas in their cars unfortunately spill it and it goes down drains polluting our rivers, streams and oceans. Same thing with oil, when people oil their car it also goes through these water routes, killing animals or making them suffer by changing their ecosystem. There is a group called EPA. These people go out and get oils and gases out of the water and help save animals by cleaning them and setting them free from polluted parts of their homes.
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Like oil and gas, washing our cars by a drain it leads to water outlets and if the chemicals get in an animals eyes or down there throat it could harm marine life and birds that hang around there. Again, the EPA is on a mission to stop this from happening and help get animals away from chemicals.
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People that use fertilizers tend to over use it, and if these people use to much, the runoff water from rain picks up the fertilizer and carries it down stream. This can cause two very negative effects, the people that live down stream from the over fertilizers could have there land polluted and there home could start to break off. Another effect would be that the animals that live down there could die or choke. Unfortunately, there is no group to stop people from fertilizing their yards, so its up to the home owners to use it lightly and think about the effects of their actions.
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THink before you act

Over all, most of this is about the animals lives and how we the people effect them. Next time you throw down trash or let oils down a drain, then think of the animals and their homes.
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