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Info updated daily during building closure (3/16-4/30)

Updated Executive Order Regarding Colorado School Closure

Based on the new Executive Order released from Governor Polis yesterday, all Colorado schools shall remain closed until April 30th.

Need something to eat? Concerned about food?

ALL students and their siblings can get a bagged lunch and breakfast at the pick up outside of MHS. Just show up and a lunch/breakfast will be given to you. No paperwork, no student numbers needed.

This foodservice will continue through spring break.

Sharing Ministries distributes food from 9:30 am to 12:00 pm if you need something else to eat.

**If you are concerned about food and in need beyond this please talk to your crew leader/traditional teacher and we will work on supporting you with other resources.

We miss our students!!! Come our Fun Friday Crew Competition today at 10 am in Zoom!

Check out what Ms. Porsche, Ms. Kim, and Mr. D. have to say about our Zoom meetings!
Mr. D, Ms. Porsche, Ms. Kim Come to Zoom Video

This is day four of Cycle 6-our last cycle this year!

What to do today 4/3/20

1. Review all the information on Vista Student Info Hub.

2. Join us in Zoom at 10 am for Fun Friday Crew Time. Click the link below to join Zoom.

3. Complete the Vista HERO Basics course added to your HERO dashboard in order to get access to your Cycle 6 classes.

4. Review the syllabus for your Cycle 6 classes on the Hub in or in Google Classrooms

5. Use the Google Classroom Codes below to enter Google Classrooms.

6. Start on your Cycle 6 coursework

7. Get in touch with your crew leader/traditional teacher to check-in or if you need support.

8. Come say "Hi" to Vista staff in Google Hangouts or join Hangouts to get help as needed.

***Your crew leader/traditional teacher will be monitoring your progress to make sure you are working on coursework today in order to be counted as attending.

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Cycle 6 Class Schedules

Click the PDF below to see your schedule of classes for Cycle 6.

How to get started with your Cycle 6 classes

1. Log on to HERO by clicking the link below.
  • username: first name. last name
  • password: first initial.last name

2. Complete the Vista HERO Basics course added to your HERO Dashboard.

*Having trouble getting into HERO? Get in touch with your Crew leader or come to Google Hangouts and we will help you.

Cycle 6 Syllabi

All Vista HERO classes will be guided by these Vista teacher-created syllabi. That means you only do what's listed on the syllabus, NOT all the projects in HERO.

*You can also find these syllabi listed in the Google Classrooms for these classes.

Vista HERO English 11

Vista HERO Anatomy and Physiology

Vista HERO Algebra 1

Vista HERO Civics

These classes are created by Vista and not completed in HERO:

Basecamp--find the syllabus and attendance expectations in the Basecamp Google Classroom

Vista SEL-find the syllabus and attendance expectations in the SEL Google Classroom

Vista Mindfulness-attend through Zoom Tuesday-Thursday at 11:00 am.

Google Classroom Codes for Cycle 6

Use these codes to access your Vista HERO course syllabus and Vista SEL syllabus as well as other resources from your teachers.
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Information for Graduates

Important Information for Spring 2020 Graduates

All students anticipating graduation this school year should read the attached Important Info for Spring 2020 Graduates letter and reach out to their Crew Leaders/Traditional Teachers, Mr. D. or Mrs. Mac with questions.

10:00 am Live Sessions in Zoom Tuesday-Friday

Zoom Class Huddle Schedule

Zoom Schedule Tuesday-Thursday


Student Huddle 10:00-11:00

Join us in Zoom to participate in Interactive lessons to help you with your classes.

Mindfulness Practice with Ms. Hauger 11:00-11:30

Any interested students are invited to join.

Staff Office Hours 11:00-11:30

Come get help with anything you need.

Zoom Schedule Friday

10:00 am Fun Friday Crew Meetings *Attend a Fun Friday Crew Competition for a chance to win a gift card or opt-out of an assignment.

Were you doing your GED practice tests at Vista?

Our GED practice testing sessions are on hold until next fall. If you would like to work on classes towards your high school diploma in the meantime, get in touch with Mrs. Mac, your Crew leader or Traditional teacher.

Click. icon below to join us in Zoom!

Student Names in Zoom

In order to be admitted into our Zoom Huddle, students must sign in with their names.

Having trouble getting into Zoom?

Get in touch with your crew leader/traditional teacher or join us in Hangouts (link below) and we will help you.

Cycle 5 Independent Coursework Information-to be completed ASAP if not done yet.

Google Classroom Codes for Cycle 5

Use these codes to access the independent work you need to complete for Cycle 5.
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Attendance Expectations and Building Closure Timeline

Student Attendance Expectations for 3/23-4/3

Attendance Expectations for Students

  • Students should check this Vista Student Info Hub daily and review information shared.

  • Students should attend the 10:00-11:00 live Huddle Zoom Session Tuesday-Thursday as part of their coursework and attend 11:00-11:30 Tuesday-Thursday Teacher office hours for coursework help as needed.

  • Each student will need to check-in twice a week with their crew leader and make progress on course work during building closure in order to be counted as attending.

  • Students should plan to continue to work towards their specific credit goals for Cycle 5 as they normally would have using our remote tools. Each student will be assigned a new individualized plan for Cycle 6.

Timeline for School Work During Building Closure


  • Finish your Cycle 5 classes using the coursework links below,
  • Check-in with your crew leader twice a week, attend a live Zoom session.


  • Schedule a time to meet with Mr. D in Zoom to determine your Cycle 6 classes. Link to schedule this coming soon.


  • Begin your Cycle 6 classes using our remote instructional support and live Zoom sessions for help.


  • Spring Break


  • Continue with Vista's remote instructional plan to work towards earning Credit for Cycle 6

  • Return to school at Vista school building unless otherwise notified

Questions & Resources

Questions? Concerns? Need Support? Feeling Stuck? Not Sure What to Do?

  1. Call the Vista phone 970-249-4470.
  2. Leave a message AND the best way to reach you.
  3. Ms. Rhonda will connect you to someone who can help you.

Wondering how to get in touch with your Crew Leader or Traditional Teacher? Need help with your coursework?

Find us on Google Hangouts. We can video chat or message. Your Vista family is here for you!

  1. Download the app
  2. Click the + to start a new conversation with
  3. We will get you the support you need.

Struggling with your mental health? Need emotional support?

Crisis Hotline and Crisis Walk-in Clinic

If you need to talk to a mental health professional because you are having a mental health crisis, feeling stressed, anxious or alone during this time, go to the Crisis Walk-in Center or call this Crisis Support line. Both are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Need a brain break?

Check out Ms. Hauger's Favorites!

Need Wifi?

We are working on longer-term solutions if this is a need for you but in the meantime, here are some suggestions to get you going.

Remember you can use Google Tools and HERO through your phone. You will also be able to log on to Zoom our new online classroom through your phone.

Need something else?

Tell your crew leader or traditional teacher and Ms. Ali, Mr. B or Mrs. Mac will make sure you get access to it!

Need resources for support in the community? Find them here.

Why should teenagers care about doing their part to slow the spread of the Coronavirus?

Safe2Tell: Report a concern

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