By: Alex Flinn

Part one

Theme: Looks aren't everything.

"It's really hard for me because before I was a beast, I was... well beautiful. Cool, Popular, rich." ~Kyle Kingsbury (pg. 5)

Kyle is our main character. In the beginning he believes style is everything and substance doesn't matter. In the quote we learn he has turned "beastly" and before he was beautiful and perfect. He now knows how it is to be ugly and can't deal with it.

"I didn't want to terrify her at first sight" ~Kyle Kingsbury (pg. 160)

This shows how insecure Kyle has become now that he lost his beauty. This is mid book, he hasn't finally made the connection to looks don't matter. Also in the end we find out that the "her" he refers to here is able to over look his appearance, and they end up together.

"Maybe we judge people too much by their looks because it's easier than seeing what's really important." ~ Kyle Kingsbury (pg. 282)

In the end Kyle is able to make the connection that looks don't matter. He ends up with a girl he used to blow of at school because she wasn't popular and perfect. She was the only one who saw him for him even when he was "beastly".

Part Two

Who, what, when, where, why, and how.

Article: E!'s Best and Worst dresses at Golden Globes 2014

Who: The celebrities on the red carpet at this years golden globes.

What: We have the best and worst dress. This goes along with judging people by their looks which goes along with "Beastly".

When: Sunday January 12, 2014.

Where: In California on the red carpet at the 2014 Golden Globes.

Why: We have awards shows for the celebrities in movies, TV shows etc. After every award show the gossip magazines/shows talk about the best and worst dressed stars of the night.

How: This judges people by their looks and the theme of my book is " looks don't matter."

contribute to understanding of the novel

My novel is a modern day Beauty and the Beast, therefore it is in fairy tale land. This article just confirms looks matter. People will judge you even if you are the nicest person in the world.

Contribute to understanding of the theme

The theme is very out of touch. No one can truly say looks don't matter. In our world you need to expect to be judged by your looks. It is one of the negatives of our society. The theme is more of a goal for the future.

Part Three


I've mainly experienced the opposite of my theme, looks do matter. For example a girl in my gym class made fun of another girls makeup. The girl who was picked on is luckily a little ditsy, so she didn't realize what was going on. I wish I could say I've experienced more of the theme, looks don't matter.


The Scales of Justice is my symbol. This situation reminds me of bullying. In bullying there is an unbalanced amount of power. The Scales of Justice shows the balancing of power.