Cookout/Product Taste Testing Party

July 6th: 5PM @ 1999 Twin Oaks Drive Girard, OH 44420

Please come join us!

Stop by for an evening of fun at the Kwatra residence. We will be providing food, refreshments, and an overall great environment to wind down and mingle with friends and neighbors this 4th of July weekend. Additionally, Dr. Kwatra and company will be briefly speaking about a new initiative that coincides with a healthier lifestyle.

Please feel free to drop by at your convenience! For those of you who are certain you will be dropping by please call or text 330-883-7086 and relay your name, number, and how many guests will be attending by Sunday morning (July 6th).

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Tentative Agenda - Sunday, July 6th

5-5:30pm Gathering and light refreshments.

5:30-6pm Food will be served.

6-6:30pm Dr. Kwatra, Anuj Kwatra, and Stephen Gaetano will briefly speak.

6:30-7:30pm Food and refreshments will continue to be served.