The Oxford Update

Oxford Elementary School

We Need Your Help With Toys At School

Just a timely reminder as we get back into the swing of school after the holidays, that no toys are allowed at school. This includes trading cards, figurines, toy cars, dolls, games, etc. Toys are expensive for parents and we would hate for them to get lost or broken. We have lots of fun things at school to play with so students do not need to bring anything but themselves!

If toys are found at school they will be collected by the teacher for safekeeping and returned after school. Please have a chat with your child about this to ensure no toys get lost.

Heard In The Cafeteria

This week in the cafeteria, students and staff were asked the following question: "If you could eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?" Here are the answers some of them shared!

Delmar: Apples

Eliza: Pasta

McKael: McDonald's

Alissa B: Mozzarella Sticks

Ms. Lundberg: Pad Thai Two Stars

Quinton: Meatloaf

Kayley S: Pizza

Mrs. Philbotte: Potato Chips

Roush: Grapes

Kaydence: Artichoke Dip and Chips

Do You Want To Build A Snowman?

In PE Class this week, Mrs. Ellis and her students made Exercise Snowmen. This is a great indoor get active activity! Ask your child about their snowman. Here are the directions for this activity.

Do you want to build an (exercise) snowman?

Use a whiteboard, chalkboard, poster board or just a piece of paper. For each exercise you do 10 times, you can earn a part of your snowman and can draw it on him.

1. bottom snowball - jumping jacks

2. middle snowball - arm circles

3. top snowball - squats

4. hat - tricep dips

5. buttons - lunges

6. eyes - push-ups

7. carrot nose - sit-ups

8. mouth - high jumps

9. one arm - wall sits

10. other arm - mountain climbers

YAY! Your snowman is complete and you just did at least 100 exercises total!!! Great job! Below you can see some of the snowmen our students made in PE this week.

Important Dates - January 13th - January 17th

1/13 - 5th Grade G/T to Rowe; Mrs. Lavertu's class to Roberts Farm

1/14 - Ms. Kirby's class to Roberts Farm

1/15 - 2:00 PM Dismissal

1/17 - Pencil Day; Grades 4-6 School Dance 3:30 to 5:00, $5.00 per student

1/20 - NO SCHOOL, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

1/21 - Ms. Kirby's class to Roberts Farm