Smith Media Center Review

November/December 2012

Winter Break, here we come...

November and December have been BUSY months in the Smith Library. Check out some of the highlights below!

Wishing you all a relaxing and rejuvenating Winter Break...

Ancient Civilizations

In November, 6th grade social studies classes embarked on a remarkable research journey! Students were divided into small groups and each group researched a different ancient civilization. Ms. Sapkarov taught them the very basics of research to get them started and created a resource list for them to find reliable and useful information. Students then took that information and created informational newsletters using Smore! Check out some examples below.

World Language Projects Using VoiceThread

Using Technology in World Language Classes

Ms. McMahon's French classes learned to use VoiceThread with the help of Ms. Sapkarov to narrate a story in French, using the past tense. They chose either a personal story or made up a fictitious one, created a storyboard for their narration, then used VoiceThread to embed images, text, and audio to create a complete storytelling product.

Ms. Merryman's Spanish classes also learned to use VoiceThread with the help of Ms. Sapkarov and Mr. Cottrell to create a family album, which they will share with their pen pals in Mexico. They created a storyboard of their family members, with descriptions of each person, and then added photographs, text, and audio to complete their family albums.

Check out the links below for examples of student work on these two projects!

Scholastic Book Fair

Global Connections

Social Movements

Book Clubs Update

Battle of the Books

The Battle of the Books clubs are still going strong every Wednesday at lunch! Sixth grade students have now read more than half of the books on the list. Seventh grade is working on it, and the eighth grade group has collectively read nearly every book on the list!

We will be having a t-shirt design contest coming up in the new year to determine what we will all wear to the competition. :)

Our district competition will be held at Culbreth Middle School on March 20, 2013.

ARC Book Club

The ARC Book Club has slowed down some over the past few weeks. We are always seeking new reviewers and hope to get a box of new ARCs after Winter Break.

In the meantime, the Smith Book Review Blog was launched last week, with reviews by Smith students. Check out the link below!

Coming Soon! CZ Clubs!

Ms. Sapkarov is hosting the Book Blogging @ the Library Enrichment Club, which will start up at the end of January. Students will be working on the book review blog above to add their own reviews, both in print and video format (we hope!), and they will design the blog to better reflect their tastes. We're looking forward to it!