Taylor's Territory

Class news for May 4 - 8

Skills for this week

ELA - Word Stems 6.9. On the quiz, spelling will count off as well as grammar and punctuation. Practice the words every night, and the quiz will be easy on Friday.
New novel will be introduced. It's a light, easy read that we can enjoy together.
we are working on inference, questioning, and themes.

Math - Zoo project allows us to practice all sorts of Math skills (done at school)

Science - Zoo project research covers animals and their habitats

SS - we will be hitting this hard this week. My goal is to get up to the Constitution by the end of the week.

Other News

Students should have brought home a yellow paper asking for help with Dr. Clark's retirement celebration. Please see your PTA newsletter if you didn't get one.

This Friday, we are having an ice cream sundae bar. I am supplying the ice cream and need the students to bring toppings. We will discuss this tomorrow and they will write their topping in their agendas. You may send it in early (unless it's fresh fruit of course) if you like. There are no nut allergies in the class. My husband is coming to help, but I could use a few more hands. let me know if you're interested. We'll start about 1:35 outside at recess.

Social Studies - The pilot test will be Monday 5/11 and Tuesday 5/12. It is taken on the computer. IT WILL NOT COUNT FOR A GRADE, so the should be no stress. We will just do our best. AND THAT IS ALL.

Thank you for all the support you show,