What is malaria?

Malaria is a common disease infection in hot and tropical areas, but can also occur in very rarely in temparate climates.

How does someone get malaria?

It is caused by parasites of the plasmodium speicies,wich is carried by misquitoes.

What are signs and symptoms of malaria?

Early symptoms of malaria can include irritably and drowsiness with poor appetite and trouble sleeping. these symptoms are usually followed by a high fever chills and very rapid breathing.

What part of the word is most at risk for getting malaria?

It is mostly at risk in Africa. And a lot in the tropical areas in Africa.

What are some ways malaria can be prevented?

Misquitoe-control programs can help prevent misquitoes, and if you don't bother miquitoes they won't bother you!

How did the Ingalls family get malaria in Little House on the Prairie?

They got it by working hard by misquitoes when they were outside and they got bit so much they all got malaria.
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