Hallman Updates

February 15th

Scholastic Book Orders

New book order forms will go home tomorrow (Tuesday) with a special coupon for free book with a $10 order. Book orders can be made online as well as sent to school. Book orders are due Monday, February 29th. You can also find information on book orders on our class website.

English Language Arts...What are we doing?

Reading-We are continuing to use picture books to teach comprehension skills such as problem and solution, theme/lesson, main idea/details, and visualizing. Ask to see your child's journal for an up close look at some of what we are doing. Also, a new round of support rotations will start tomorrow (Tuesday) in hopes of helping every child grow and get the support needed each day.

Grammar- We are continuing to look at capitalizing words, abbreviating things, using commas, as well as sorting singular and plural nouns.

Writing- We are going to wrap up opinion writing this week, but will revisit soon. Next week we will start "How to Writing" with informational text (nonfiction). To see what all your child has written so far, ask them to login to the MGSD Digital Resources page, click on Google, and then login. There you will see any writing your child has done or is in the process of doing.

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Color Coding Text Evidence

In class we practice finding the details to support our answers by color coding passages. If we can't color code it, then it isn't a detail from the passage. Ask your child to talk to you about this. The data shows this is an area needing to be strengthened. We will continue to practice finding the evidence each week in small reading groups.

Math...What are we doing?

In Math we continue to use our journals to practice and review new skills. There are also QR codes inside the journal with math clips to review concepts previously taught. Math journals can be taken home each night for practice, but must be returned each school day for new information to be added.

Skills being looked at this week include addition/subtraction with/without regrouping and measurement. Ask your child to measure things around the house in centimeters or inches to practice. Some still struggle with where to line up the ruler to measure. Addition and subtraction is an easy skill you can practice with basic math problems that require you to "carry the 1" or "borrow". We also continue to work on word problems to set up and solve using a variety of strategies. :)

Social Studies

We continue to look at famous African Americans in books and articles. Students are working on a small in class research biography project of a famous African American. Students will work to create a "something" for their person showing information they have learned. Ask your child who they chose to learn more about on Pebble Go.


Homework packets go home on Fridays and are due the following Friday. All parts of the homework must be complete (5-7 reading log entries...both sides are not required, but are options for the books a child may read, 12 math problems, and a reading passage/questions...occasionally 2 passages depending on the week). Please help your child experience success by checking homework with them each week.

**If you see a triangle math strategy problem, don't worry about using the triangle...it's a strategy that has confused most students in our class. The math homework is by grade level and any strategy to solve math problems is appropriate.**

PTO Enhancement Class Needs

Feel free to click the Sign Up Genius link to help out the enhancement area teachers with supply needs. If you send them in with your child, please make sure to mark the bag or write a note letting us know where to send them. Thanks for supporting the enhancement teachers.