Tutor Doctor

tutor doctor Q&A

What are your ratings? How do yall plan to tutor one-on-one? What could be some of ur methods for students who have a learning disability? Do ya'll have to compete against one another to see who gets the job? what makes ya'll different from everybody else? Like what makes y'all stand out from everybody else? what did y'all have to do to be able to become a tutor at tutor doctor? What kind of degrees do Y'all have to have in order to be able to become a tutor doctor? How manmy students have y'all been successful with? How many have u let down or failed to help them competle their goals in ur pass career? What do y'all expect fro y'alls boss? Do y'all assure that y'all will always try to be on time? Who is the owner of tutor doctor? How did y'all come up with the name tutor doctor? How long did it take y'all to build up ur company? Have y'all ever had an bad experience with one of clients? what made u choose to pick this as ur career? Has that always been the career u wanted as ur job? What do u like the most about Tutor Doctor? What do u hate the most about Tutor Doctor? Is this a job you want to stay with, or is it just a temporary job? Do u enjoy your job? Is this what you wanna be doing for the rest of your life? And if not what career do u wanna major in for the rest of your life?