The perks of $500!

Why you want to be qualified (and BEYOND) this month!

Why $500 is a magic number in your Stella & Dot business...

You may have heard the word 'qualified' may even know that being qualified means selling $500+ in a month. But what you may not know is WHY this is so important to your business!

There are so many perks - and this month, there is one EXTRA special one too!

1. FREE Business Supplies!

When you sell $500+ in any given month, you're earning FREE business supply credits! I always say that is a crime to ever have to pay for something like Look Books - that money is much better spent on accessories (or that cute pair of sandals you've been eyeing up). Why not get them for free?!
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2. Earn your STYLEfix coupon!

STYLEfix earning has changed to be easier than ever! When you sell $500+ (PQV is essentially the same thing as dollars) each month in a quarter, you'll earn the $500 for $99 coupon for Fall line sampling. That means you can grab $500 in Stella & Dot for just $99 - talk about style for a steal!
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3. Qualify for Corporate Leads!

Did you know that anytime someone goes to the corporate Stella & Dot site to order, host a trunk show or get more information to be a stylist, they are referred to a local stylist? They ARE!!!! But in order to get a corporate referral, you need to be qualified in the previous month. AND - something BIG is coming in May to give us more corporate leads than EVER YES - you NEED to be qualified in April so you can reap the rewards!
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4. Your EXTRAORDINARY bracelet!!!!

THIS MONTH ONLY!!!! In honor of our brilliant CEO's new book 'Find Your Extraordinary' that launches in May there is an exclusive offer, just for us! When you sell $500+ you earn this gorgeous bracelet to remind you that you are just that - EXTRAORDINARY!

There has NEVER been an incentive from Home Office that is this attainable - don't let it pass you by!

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HOW do you sell $500 by 4/30?

FIRST - you must believe it's possible! Even if you are zero dollars in sales - you GOT this baby! :)

A quick and casual trunk show is going to give you the BEST bang for your buck!

Specific dates to offer:
*Wednesday, April 27th - Admin professionals day - set up in an office during lunch and the rewards go to the admin!
*Thursday, April 28th
*Friday, April 29th
*Saturday, April 30th

Fun, casual themes to offer:
Administrative Professionals
Teacher Appreciation
Margaritas & Must Haves
Mommy & Me
Wine Tasting Party

My words to say: Hey Kathy! Had to reach out because I'm so excited about our new Summer line with Stella & Dot. Sunglasses, tunics and MORE! :) I'd love to bring my goodies over to you and some friends next week so you can check it all out and play grown-up dress up with a style session! It's super low key - just grab some girlfriends and a bottle or two of wine - and then they shop and you walk away with freebies for hosting! What do you think? I have Weds 4/27 or Thurs 4/28 either work for you?

Check out our Glowing Stones who have already sold $500+ and earned their Extraordinary bracelet! Can't wait to add YOUR beautiful face to this slideshow soon!

Are you going to gun for $500 (or beyond)?!

Email me to let me know that's your goal so I can help cheer you on!