ramunus run

by yaritza perez

ramonus run

this story is about the girl named hazel that has a special talent is running fast she is a running team.she want to win the race and hazel doesn't worry that she is not going to lose the race 'am going to win this race cause am the fastest person ever.things start to get hot cause hazel likes this guy then she goes to win the race so hazel can go out with that guy that she likes and she want to be the fastest girl ever.the when the race is done she goes and understands that the guy she likes doesn't workout so they can just be friends.the characters influence in the story is raven hazel the physical things about ramonus run are that she can get anything she wants and she nice .,sadness the guy and her can just be friends.the theme was about ramonus run ,hazel that if you try you can do anything if you just try don't give up.
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you can do anything if you try and do your best