Swimming from Cuba to Florida

By Brooklynn Wagoner

64 year old swimming from Cuba to Floriida.

On October 8-10 Diana Nyad pledged to swim the 48 hours from Cuba all the way to Flordia trough the shark and jelly fish infested water to raise money for the homeless who lost their houses to Hurricane Sandy.

And a record was broke.

According to her crew Diana Nyad broke the record for longest swim without a shark cage or flippers. However she did wear a prosthetic mask to protect her from jellyfish even though it created sore and let sea water get into her mouth.

Just keep trying.

After trying four times over the past 35 years Diana Nyad credited the lack of box jellyfish, which she calls the deadliest animal in the ocean, with allowing her to finish this time. Her first night in the water after leaving Cuba's capital, Havana on Saturday was "hell on Earth" she said to a press conference on Tuesday in Key West. She swallowed tremendous amounts off water and was puking constantly. As she was getting closer she saw a large crowd gathered at the beach waiting to greet her.

Sacrifice For The Homeless

Diana Nyad did all this swimming as a way to raise money for the people who lost their homes to Hurricane Sandy. I thinks it is really amazing that this 64 year old lady swam all this way to help people get back their houses that were destroyed by the hurricane. I really like that Diana Nyda likes to help people and is giving back to her community.