The Vinyl Cafe Diaries

By Stuart Mclean


Hello and welcome to a flyer about Stuart Mclean And His Wacky Stories. In this flyer we will be talking about the characters, stories about each characters, my personal reactions, and the themes about each story. Enjoy!


In Stuart's stories, they mainly talk about one family getting into lots of shenanigans. The people in the family are: Dave, Sam, Morley and Stephanie. Dave is the dad and husband in his late forties in the family and he is a hypochondriac. Which means that he is always worried about his health. Morley Is the mother and wife of Dave. She is in her early forties and she use to be a stay-at-home mom until she started working at the theatre. Stephanie Is the oldest child and she often fights with her brother Sam. Sam is the youngest family member and he has an ambition to play In a major hockey team.

Stories About Each Family Member

In The stories that Stuart Mclean has made some of them are mainly about one family member. These are the stories I thought were good.

Dave And The Duck

In this story it starts off with Dave trying to get his ring off his finger and he goes to get it sized. After he gets his ring off and sized he visits his cousin and they find out that Dave's Mom's sister Elisabeth had a stroke. When Dave Flies to visit Elisabeth He checks into a hotel and then buys some peanuts to feed ducks at a park. suddenly without Dave noticing his ring had slipped off and he watched in shock when he noticed the ring was his and a duck ate it.

I Enjoyed this story a lot. It had a perfect amount of humor and shocking moments, which I always like in a story. Some parts I would say have the best amount of humor would be: when Dave chases down the duck, when the duck has a mad five minutes in the hotel room, and when the Dave hands his jacket to the concierge.

The moral of the story would be to don't just assume things. because they might not always look or seem true.

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Labour Pains

This story starts off talking about Dave struggling to pull a kids inflatable pool out of his basement so he could dip his feet in it and relax out in his front yard. Then Jim Lane and his wife come along with their newborn baby. Then Dave has a flashback to when Morley had their first child Stephanie. It then goes on to talk about Morley giving birth to the child.


I Thoroughly enjoyed this story because of the Amount of humor there was. Some Parts of this would be: when Morley starts grabbing Dave and shaking him, and when Morley tells Dave and they both start crying.

The moral of the story I think would be to cherish your moments.

Dorm Days

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This story starts off with Dave and Morley driving Stephanie to her new university. She saying that she is so excited to get out of the house but she was also scared that all her friends were going to different schools. After it says a week before Stephanie left, Morley watched with complicated sadness as Stephanie was beginning to gather her things. When Stephanie arrives at the university, she gets really stressed out and paranoid and she wants to go home.


When I read this story, I was so drawn in just from the first few sentences. There was some Super Funny Parts and there were some parts that I found kind of uninteresting.

The moral of this story would be to choose wisely because choices do matter.

Sam Goes Green

This story starts off with Dave and Morley telling Stephanie that they were going on a trip for a week and that they wanted Stephanie to take care of Sam. About a day after Dave and Morley left Sam's skin started turning green but he thought he was completely fine. Then Dave started calling Sam and Stephanie telling them which chores they need to do each night. Finally Stephanie starts to get really worried and takes Sam to the doctor and the doctor says Sam is completely fine.


I absolutely enjoyed this story mainly because of the humor and shenanigans that I came across while reading this.

The moral of the story is most likely to if you feel something's wrong, tell someone because it could be serious.

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