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Welcome to The California Bulletin. In this newspaper edition, we get an exclusive interview with Jenna Fox, an obituary contributed to Kara Manning, news on the FSEB restrictions, and the weekly weather forecast. Enjoy!

-Up Close with Jenna Fox

Jenna Fox has survived an accident that has changed her life, and was immersed in a coma for about a year. She had no idea who she was and why she was there, but slowly found her way to having a full identity. Here is an exclusive with the one and only Jenna Fox.

California Bulletin: Hello Jenna, we are glad you are here today. To start off our discussion, I have a few questions to ask. First, when you awoke from your coma, you didn't know who you were, or what had happened to you. How did you self identity change?

Jenna: Well, when I had just awoke, I was as you might say, 'lost.' But in the end, my memory was, not complete but the new experiences after the accident created another identity. Memories of Kara and Locke and my old life- thanks to the videos- blended with my memories of Ethan, Allys, and my new, Bio-Gel-filled life, and made the Jenna Fox.

California Bulletin: Wow, so now you are not a totally new person, but a mix of two different Jennas! Interesting. Okay, next question: we know that your parents broke the law to save you and infused you with Bio Gel. Also, you only have 10% of your original brain- the Butterfly. Do you regret the choices they made?

Jenna: Well, I disagreed with their decision to plant a suggestion in my system to make me go to my room. But really, if my parents and myself hadn't gone through all of that, I wouldn't be here today, met Ethan and Allys, and had my little girl Kayla.

California Bulletin: Would you repeat those actions with Kayla?

Jenna: I don't want to outlive my child. Of course I would. I am actually planning to take a trip to Boston with her. No parent should outlive their own child.

California Bulletin: Yes I am sure. So now, I realize you have been talking about your friend Allys and your husband Ethan. Can you tell us a little bit about them?

Jenna: Well, Allys and Ethan really just took me in when I first went to school. At the time, my friendships with them were all over the place because I learned another thing about myself everyday. Ethan was the first person I told about my secret. He was the one that comforted me when I was having emotional breakdowns. Back then, learning about what happened to me was really difficult and stressful. But I'm not bitter. Allys and I had a curious relationship. We didn't talk to each other or act like normal best friends do, and I thought that our friendship was over when she found out about me and didn't come to school for a few weeks. But it turns out that wasn't the case, almost all of her organs had been in some stage of failure, and she was on the brink of death- like I had been. When we visited her that was when Allys told me that she had told her parents to report me. But instead, after our visit with her, Allys's parents came and asked my parents to help them recover Allys. Now she is like me, but with twenty two percent Allys, and the rest Bio Gel. But that doesn't matter anymore.

California Bulletin: Sounds like you had been on an emotional roller coaster back then! Next question: how did the home videos narrating your life up until the accident help you recover your identity?

Jenna: Well, as I was watching them, I recovered those specific memories filmed, but they also triggered other memories. They came back one at a time, each sparking another like a chain reaction.

California Bulletin: Provoked many memories, I see. So, you said that your memory came back in bits and pieces at a time. How was the sensation like?

Jenna: The feeling was different every time. Sometimes I would have dreams about it and one night, I was visited with the voices of Kara and Locke. One time, a memory came so sudden, so strong, that my legs wouldn't work so I had to lean against the wall. It came so fast, my breath was knocked from me and I started hyperventilating.

California Bulletin: So not the most pleasant experience you say. Well to change the subject, how was Edward's- or Mr. Bender's- life alike and different to yours?

Jenna: Well, Edward ran away when he was 16 and traveled across the country. He met the actual Clayton Bender, and when he died, Edward decided to take that identity. He is like me because his identity changed like mine did. But what was different about us, is that my identity before the accident just merged with my new one. Edward changed his identity completely, becoming a whole new person.

California Bulletin: And what was the plan in case someone found out and came to find you?

Jenna: Edward was part of the emergency drill. If the authorities found out, Lily was to bring me to his house where we would fly across the border to Mexico, then fly to Italy. Italy had more liberal laws regarding transplants.

California Bulletin: What was it like being in a coma?

Jenna: It was all black. I couldn't think but I could hear things around me. It was like a twisted dark dream, except it wasn't a dream. The darkness lengthened when it was about to end. It seemed forever.

California Bulletin: How is the experience of being made of Bio Gel?

Jenna: I do not have real insides, just blue gel. When I was just learning about the Bio Gel, I was angry. I wanted with all my life to be the perfect daughter to my parents. I wasn't that perfect anymore. It's hard to be my parents' perfect miracle child if I have so many flaws. Also, it was not easy to live my life in the shadows, not allowed to tell anybody my secret. But now the world is more accepting and there are more people like me and Allys. It's better now, easier.

California Bulletin: You call yourself your parents' "miracle child." What does that title mean?

Jenna: My parents originally had three kids, but I was the only one that worked out. This is one reason that I am so special to them. Before the accident, I had a tight schedule. I took part in lots of activities like soccer, ballet, piano. Sometimes I wasn't the best student and my parents made me go to tutoring sessions until I was their perfect miracle of a daughter. Even after the accident, I felt the pressure of them wanting me to succeed and be the best at everything. So much pressure, but I just did what the audience wanted. I couldn't let them down.

California Bulletin: Wow, so you really were their miracle in life! Well Jenna, thank you so much for coming. I had a great time. Have a nice day!

Jenna: You too, it was my pleasure.

-That concludes our interview with Jenna Fox.

-Rembering Kara Manning

Kara Manning was a friend of Jenna and Locke. They were the people she spent the most time with. For her whole life, Kara lived in Boston. She was great in school and her favorite color was red. The cause of her death, at 17 years old, was a car accident. Kara, Jenna, and Locke went to a party uninvited, and when a fight broke out, they rushed to leave. Kara drove, none of them wearing seat belts. They reached the highway, they relaxed but Kara and the others did not notice that the accelerator was still firmly pressed down. When the curve in the road approached, the car didn't turn fast enough and the car swiveled off the shoulder down a cliff. Kara sustained severe head trauma when she was thrown from the car. She died three weeks after the accident when her parents removed life support.

-FSEB has Lifted Restrictions

The FSEB has removed their policy that one can only have a lifetime maximum of 100 points for implants in your body. The new policy is that you only have to be 1% human and you may not receive medical help over 95 years old. Even the smallest percentage there is, you still have humanity. There is no limit to how many implants and Bio Gel infusions you receive, as long as you are one percent true and are under 95. People who violate the age limit rule will be fined anywhere from 500 to 1,000 dollars. What makes one human is your identity, self expression, diversity, and personality- it does not matter how low the percentage of humanity you have is.

-Warm, Wet, and Windy 2/25/13

-Warm, Wet, and Windy, The California Bulletin's weekly weather forecast.

This weeks weather is going to be in the 50s and 60s.

Monday, Feb. 25- Mostly sunny, highs in the upper 60s. High: 67°, Low: 49°

Tuesday, Feb. 26- Mostly clear. Lows in upper 40s, highs in mid 60s. High: 61°, Low: 38°

Wednesday, Feb. 27- Clear. Lows in mid 30s. High: 56°, Low: 35°

Thursday, Feb.28- Sunny. Highs in mid 50s. High: 55°, Low: 35°

Friday, Mar. 1- Mostly sunny. Highs in lower 50s. High: 53°, Low: 32°

Saturday, Mar. 2- Mostly sunny. Highs in lower 50s. High: 49°, Low: 32°

Sunday, Mar. 3- Mostly clear. Highs in mid 50s, lows in lower 40s. High: 57°, Low: 41°

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