Controversy in Beijing

Human Rights violated!

Pre games

When it was announced Beijing would be holding the 2008 summer olympics people went berserk, for China's human rights records have been constanly scrutinized. There was much talk of possibly boycotting the opening ceromony, but those thoughts quickly subsided because people realized that boycotting the opening ceromony would only intensify China's abusive humna rights policy.

During the Games

Ultimately nothing really happened, most of the people who claimed they were going to boycott the games ending up attending the opening ceromony. Nine of the twenty seven european leaders attended the opening ceromony and it ended up resulting in a pretty normal games. Many still question China's human rights policies, but no protests or boycotts have prevailed a success.
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Here is Usain bolt running the 100m dash at the games and to no surprise he took gold.