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University for Journalism and Mass Communication

Journalism and Mass Communication Program.

George Wasington University`s Journalism and Mass Communication Program teaches students how to write newspapers, article, stories, and report. Students study news and public affairs with well respected journalist and scholars. The program helps students understand the media`s impact on the way we live and act as a society.

List of Undergraduate Programs

  1. Buisness and Management
  2. Engineering & Technology
  3. Health and Medicine
  4. History & Goverment
  5. International Studies
  6. Literature and Launguages
  7. Media, Journalism, and Communications
  8. Religion & Philosophy
  9. Science & Mathmatics
  10. Social and Human Behavior
  11. Visual and Performing Arts

List of Graduate Programs (11)

  1. Accounting & Finance
  2. Biological & Biomedical Sciences
  3. Buisness
  4. Computer Science and IT
  5. Education
  6. Engineering
  7. Fine Arts
  8. Humanities
  9. Law and Legal Studies
  10. Mathematics and Statistics
  11. Media and Communication

Financial Aid and Scholorships

GWU offers financial aid to students who are economically challenged or can`t afford to learn. Student loans and Federal loans help with much of the cost of college. They offer many scholarships as well. Some include:

  1. Engineering
  2. Mathematics
  3. Science
  4. SJT
  5. SRS

For More Information Contact:

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2121 I Street, NW
Suite 201
Washington, DC 20052
Phone: 202-994-6040 | Fax: 202-994-0325


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