Job Interview Process

By: Kristen Setlik

Before the Interview

- Make sure to plan out your route to the company

- Bring an extra resume

- Plan your outfit before the day of the interview

- Arrive 5-15 minutes early

- Prepare your answers to questions they might ask

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During the Interview

- Greet the employer with a handshake and smile and introduce yourself

- Arrive 5-15 minutes early

- Bring extra resumes or references

- Prepare questions for the interviewer

- Ex. How would you describe your ideal candidate?

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5 Common Interview Questions and Tips

- Tell me about yourself?

- don't talk about personal life

- highlight your strengths by talking about past work experience

- Why should we hire you?

- be specific and highlight strengths with what the company is looking for

- What is your greatest strength?

- be specific and give a brief example of when you were doing this

- What is your greatest weakness?

- be honest

- tell them about how you are overcoming your weakness

- don't mention the quality that is needed for the company

- Why do you want to work here?

- be specific

- mention aspects of the job you admire

- show how your strengths and abilities make you a good fit

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After the Interview

- Make sure to have questions for the interview

- Shake hands and thank them for their time

- Give them your contact information

- Make sure to send them a thank you note after the interview

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Dress for the Interview

- Women

- nice skirt, slacks, nice shirt, dress

- neutral colors; nothing to loud

- Men

- shirt, tie, nice pants, or khakis

- neutral colors

Interview Don'ts

- Don't show up late to the interview

- No gum

- Don't make negative comments about previous employers

- Don't ask about salary or benefits

- Don't have bad posture

- Don't have your cellphone with you

- Don't lie about information

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