Biofuel from Trees, Grasses, & Waste

Advantages of Biofuel from Nature

Some of the advantages of gaining Biofuel from nature is that the trees than can be used to create the biofuel grow relatively quickly and with a minimal amount of Fertilizer. Hence the soil and water aren't polluted by the fertilizer. Soil that couldn't regularly yield crops can yield these common trees, so it is easy to grow them. The grasses & trees that are used to retrieve the biofuel can be genetically altered to provide more bioethanol while still using less water. The willow and switchgrass plants have a broad gene pool and can extract harmful chemicals from the soil as they grow. These plants do not require new machinery or extra care.

If a company bought your biofuel, would it be a good idea for them to go ahead and move it into production?

Probably not, as cars that use regular gasoline tend to not work as well when loaded up with biofuel. We should wait until more biofuel-reliant cars are released before we begin producing it. Biofuel can tear up engines that use gasoline also, so it's better to hold it for now.