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September 28, 2018

Creating next-generation assessments

As we prepare for online standardized assessments, many teachers are looking for ways to create their own tests that mimic the types of questions that are found on AIR. There are solutions out there that allow teachers to create assessments with drag-and-drop, resequencing, image labeling, and mathematical expressions.

Edulastic was a big hit at my previous school. Edulastic is free, and it allows you to create a wide variety of next-generation question types.

There are plenty of other online assessment creators as well. Many of them can be found in this helpful website NextGen Apps.

From the homepage you can navigate through subject area menus, or you can select Build Assessments to see a list of helpful online assessment creation tools. If you have any specific ideas, please reach out to me so I can hopefully bring your vision to life.

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Thank you Mrs. McCabe for designing a spooktastic display case in the media center! :)

It's time to Breakout of HHS!

This month I acquired two Breakout EDU boxes, which can be used in classrooms at HHS.

If you've never heard of Breakout EDU, this awesome problem-solving kit allows teachers to create strategy games similar to the popular escape rooms. Breakout EDU games force students to work in groups to discover the mystery of how to open the locked box.

Breakout EDU requires critical thinking, collaboration, problem solving, and creativity. Each game centers around the Breakout EDU box. Players have a set amount of time to open the box. During a game, players need to successfully navigate a series of mysteries to solve engaging problems. The games can feature a blend of physical and online puzzles. The Breakout kit contains a series of locks and other items that can be used to play any of the Breakout EDU games.

Heaps of games already exist on the Breakout EDU website. To view the games:

  1. Visit
  2. Click Sign In.
  3. Enter username:
  4. Enter password: explorers

Alternatively, you can come up with an entirely new idea. I have created original Breakout EDU games with teachers, and I am happy to do the same with you.

Breakout EDU is an extremely fun way to engage your students while reinforcing curriculum standards.

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Assistive tools with Gale databases

Gale has recently released some great, new features in their research databases, which are located on the HHS library website. In addition to providing reliable, peer-reviewed articles, Gale databases now offer assistive tools to help students with visual, auditory, and comprehension impairments.

Using the Listen toolbar, which floats at the top of every Gale article, students can engage the following assistive supports:

  • Play audio read-alouds of the article. (The speed of the read-aloud can be adjusted.)
  • Highlight words and/or sentences in real time during read-alouds. (Color customization available in settings.)
  • Enhanced text visibility, which generates a floating text box at the bottom of the screen that highlights enlarged text as the voice reads the article.
  • Language translation. Gale can translate the article into a variety of languages and then read them aloud in the chosen language.

A brief slideshow with easy tutorial images can be located by clicking the link below. You are welcome to add this Google slideshow to your Drive and share it with students.

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Sora brings e-books and audiobooks to your screen

Our friends at Overdrive released a brilliant app this fall that allows users to seamlessly borrow e-books and audiobooks from Hudson City Schools libraries and also public libraries. Sora is a simple e-reading app that works on Chromebooks, tablets, PCs, and smartphones. Sora offers the following features:

  • Google single sign-on. Hudson staff and students can log into Sora with their school Google credentials. Simply visit and sign in with your email address. Boom!
  • Add bookmarks, make notes and highlights, and define words. These notes and highlights can be exported to Google Drive.
  • Read-alouds are available on many titles.
  • Synced progress. Change devices anytime, and Sora will pick up where you left off.
  • Simple audiobook interface with adjustable playback speeds.
  • Earn digital badges for completing books and using app features.

You can easily add public library accounts to your Sora account. If Hudson City Schools library doesn't have a title, you might be able to snag it from the Ohio Digital Library.

I highly recommend installing Sora on your mobile device. I plan to start promoting Sora to our students. Please contact me to come to your class to show your students how to sign in and begin reading.
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5 ways to organize assignments in google classroom

As you probably have discovered, Google added new features to Google Classroom this summer. Rather than dumping everything into one stream, teachers can now organize their classes more efficiently.

One of my favorite edtech bloggers recently posted some creative ways to organize assignments in Google Classroom. Here are some ways you can organize your assignments:

  1. Organize by units or modules
  2. Organize by week
  3. Organize by type of assignment
  4. Organize by subject areas
  5. Organize by adding a "today" topic

For further information and lots of tutorial images, follow this link: