Meat & Potatoes

May 2 - May 6

Up & Coming Events

This Saturday - Art Show @ Spring Creek

Tuesday - Faculty Meeting

Wednesday - Coaching Forum @ 7:15 AM, PTO bringing Sonic Drinks

Thursday - Spirit Sticks in PE

Friday - Relay 4 Life, PTO Desserts,

Thank You!

I truly appreciate all the birthday gifts, well wishes, and Caillou references. I am truly blessed to work at Oakwood and am more than grateful to work with such an amazing group of people. I am honored to work in CSISD, but more importantly, I am honored to work at Oakwood. Thank you! I truly appreciate everything.

Questions & Concerns - May

Please submit any questions or concerns you may have by the end of the day Monday. You can complete the form here.

Grade Deadlines & Report Cards

In case you did not see the email from Shannon Long this morning, please take note of the message below. Thanks.

Intermediate Campuses- Tuesday, 5/24 at 4pm, delivered Thursday, 5/26

Counselor's Corner

We will have a short STAAR training at the Faculty Meeting on Tuesday. I will give you your class roster as well as 6th grade Test Administrator's Manual. If you are needed for retest, I will communicate that information directly with you.

Please communicate with parents and students:

Monday, May 9th - 6th grade STAAR Math- some 5th graders will test (closed campus)

Tuesday, May 10th - 6th grade STAAR Reading (closed campus)

Wednesday, May 11th- 5th grade STAAR Science (closed campus)

Thursday, May 12th- 5th grade retest STAAR Math

Friday, May 13th- 5th grade retest STAAR Reading

Content Mastery and the Computer Labs will be closed all week. Please plan accordingly.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions (especially before the training on Tuesday)!

As we near the EOY, remember...PATIENCE and RELATIONSHIPS ARE KEY!

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Please collect your WICOR documentation for our final certification report. You can submit electronic copies, scanned copies, hard copies, blank graphic organizers, photos, lesson plans or calendars, rubrics and student samples. It isn't necessary to send a class set of samples. The certification report is due May 5th but we can keep collecting samples until the end of the year.
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Behavior Tip of the Week:

Experiencing a higher volume of off task behavior? Students who are ready for summer break?

Consider a free way to give your students an appropriate way to move and be off task in a controlled way using the Google Extension called MOVE IT!

(Link: With this Chrome extension, you can provide natural breaks in your class period for students to MOVE about, then return to work.

Other ideas for OFF TASK BEHAVIOR are included in PRIM STRATEGY 104

(Link: )

Carefully plan seating arrangements, CHAMP expectations, and teacher check in's on given classwork and see if OFF TASK behavior is reduced!

Let us know which strategy you have tried by next Wednesday for a treat in your teacher box.

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Relay for Life

Those who ordered Relay for Life Shirts will have them delivered byTuesday (Fingers Crossed) if deliveries from Kids Klub goes as expected.

Thanks to those who have sent materials to room 211 to make spirit sticks. Please continue to send supplies until next Thursday am. Please start communicating to Success Classes about Relay for Life. Please be sure to show the slides in the announcements DAILY! Start making team and or Success banners NOW and deliver to room 211 until next Thursday.

Encourage students to bring spirit stick materials from home. Materials should stay in their lockers until THURSDAY's PE class.

Please sign up here: ( if you are willing to talk about the relevance and importance of Relay For Life for about 10 minutes during PE classes next Wednesday. Special SHOUT OUT to Theresa Kendall and Lisa Edrington for being our FIRST 2 volunteers. We need 2 volunteers per PE period!

If you are interested in buying a luminary or have purchased a luminary but have not dropped it off to Ms. Williams, please do so by Monday at the latest. Luminary bags can be found in the mail room under the mailboxes.


ARD season is upon us! Please remember to reply to ARD invites for who will attend from your team. Please remember to communicate with case managers by collecting work samples of student work to present with ARD data. Thank you for continuing to be flexible with our students who are being pulled for SSI. We appreciate your support!

Rocco's Corner

I found this article very interesting and would encourage you all to take the time to read it as it relates to something as educators we will continue to face every year.

Bus Duty

The PANTHERS are the team required to send two teachers (with their team's radio) to the bus loop each day at 4:00.

Duty Assignments

All duty assignments have been updated and posted in the Admin Folder within the OWTIF. Be sure to know your duty station and to be on time at 7:45! Click here for the AM/PM Duty Roster and here for the Lunch Duty Roster.