The Boston Tea Party

Revolutionary War

Who? The Patriots and British

The Patriots dressed up as Mohawk indians so that the British would not recognize them.

What? Patriots dumped tea crates in the water.

The "Mohawks" put soot on their faces and wrapped blankets around themselves. Only the Patriots that boarded the tea ships were responsible, trustworthy Patriots. The corps of

When?March 1774

In March 1774 "Mohawks" dumped tea that had been hidden in a shop. The next month New York's sons of Liberty held their own Tea Party.


More than 300 crates of tea got dumped into the waters of Boston Harbor of Boston by the Patriots.


The Patriots had to pay large amount of taxes on the tea.

Other Interesting Facts

The Patriots dressed up as Mohawks so that British officials would not recognize them, but it did not work. Thy put ,soot on their faces.
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