Where there is unity there is always victory-Publilius Syrus

Do not miss out on being a part of this positive movement

Underserved communities all over are declining rapidly partially because of the scarcity of services offered, but also because of representation. Kids, neighbors, and outside communities know and acknowledge what is visible. Although there is positive representation in underserved communities, many positive role models lack visibility or they are less visible than negative representation.

Declining communities need to be redeemed or bought back from their flawed condition. The severity of the situation arises when it is understood that things do not just decline, but they eventually are depleted. To avoid the depletion of communities like West Augustine that have many things to offer, we will take action to rectify the situation. We will increase our visibility to the kids, neighbors, and outside communities. We will also look for opportunities to become more involved in the matters of the community.

Redemption Walk

Saturday, April 26th, 9am

555 W King St

St Augustine, FL

The event will begin here and end at the Collier-Blocker-Puryear park.
9:00- Sign in and get your shirts
9:20- Opening prayer and opening address
9:30- Walk will begin

Alexius Ferguson

With the help of other organizations and individuals interested in stopping the rapid decline of the community.