Animal Genetiscist

Austin Ramsey

Job description

Animal scientists use their background in genetics, nutrition, and veterinary science to improve feeding, care, breeding, sanitation and health concerns regarding domesticated farm animals. They may suggest methods for increasing the yield of particular food products such as eggs or milk, and study the effects of different management practices on quality and quantity of production. These scientists may also study the properties of animal feed, in terms of nutrition and potential health effects. Their knowledge of animal husbandry and genetics may be utilized to develop new cross-strains or genetic combinations that possess sought-after characteristics.


Due to the level of expertise required in numerous subject areas, the majority of professionals in this field have doctoral degrees.


An Animal Scientist will normally get a pay level somewhere between 64000 to 96000 depending on education and experience. Animal Scientists can get a wage of Eighty Two Thousand Five Hundred dollars each year. Animal Scientists can get the highest pay in Maryland, where they can get an average salary rate of approximately $105750. People working these jobs are paid the highest in Manufacturing, where they earn average pay levels of $95880.