Analyzing Abstract Concepts

By: Nick Taylor and Ben Swanner


Prejudice is preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience. The connotation of this word is an uncomfortable feeling or disgust. The association of this word, is WW2, racism, and genocide. Prejudice is the judging of people without actual knowing the true character of the person. It is predetermined notion that you hear from others. It is not a good thing, and the word is associated with bad events in history. We see prejudice in To Kill A Mockingbird all throughout the book. For example, everybody in Macomb judges Boo Radley just off of rumors spread throughout the town. Also, when the kids reenact the scene of Boo stabbing his father, they are just guessing and going off of what they have heard from others. In our society, prejudice occurs everyday. Gossip, and judging others off of what rumors they hear occur daily. One big example of prejudice is the 2006 Duke Lacrosse Team case. Three boys on the team were falsely accused of rape, and assault. 11 years later they were found innocent, but nobody believed them. Everyone judged the boys, they were kicked out of a great school, and they were put in jail. When they were proven innocent, everyone was shocked and in awe of how they viewed the boys.
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We chose this picture for the word prejudice, because of the perceived notion that all people of the Muslim religion are terrorists. This has always been a big problem in the US. We are discriminating against Muslims for no reason, even starting to question them entering our country. Who knows, some of these people could be humans that can change the world, but we are so stuck on the not true feeling that all Muslims are terrorists.


Courage is defined as the ability to do something that frightens someone. The feeling you get from the word courage is bravery. They are very similar in meaning. We associate courage with firefighters. Courage to me, means somebody digging deep inside of themselves and pulling any ounce of strength to do a task they are afraid to do. It is very hard to have, but you gain courage from experience. In To Kill a Mockingbird, we see courage, when Jem goes to retrieve his pants from the Radley's house. He could've stayed at home and run the risk of getting in trouble, but he conjured up mischievous courage to get his pants back. Another example from the book is when Atticus accepts the case of Tom Robinson. He knew before the trial even started that he was going to lose. He was the only one courageous enough to stand up for his opinion on the way African Americans are treated. In our society, we see courage everyday. One example are firefighters. They risk their lives everyday to save people trapped in deadly situations. That takes some serious courage to do on a daily basis. Also, our soldiers in the army are very courageous. They risk their lives as well just to protect the country they love. An example from history, is Martin Luther King Jr. He started a civil rights movement, boycotts, and had to go through riots and police brutality just to end segregation. He is one of the most courageous men in US history.
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This picture of our troops in Afganistan clearly symbolizes courage. They risk their lives everyday to ensure our safety, and keeping our great country the way it is. They find the strength everyday to go into foreign territory, where it's very hostile, and fight.


Obligation is to be bound to something, or feel obliged to do something. The feeling we get with this word is a sense of being trapped or stuck in a situation or relationship. We associate this with sports stars staying with a team because of a contract or fan base.

Being obligated means to hold yourself accountable to something, even if you don't want to completely. We think of contracts, school, and family. You are obligated to go to school, because education is the key to success in this day in age. Sometimes, you have to go to many family occasions that you are obligated to go to. Dinners, weddings, we've all been there. Contracts are definitely an obligation. You are trapped in one place, unhappy or not, and have to keep that promise until it expires. In TKAM, we see obligation when Atticus takes the trial of Tom Robinson. He feels obligated, or stuck, to help him win the case he's in. He feels like he has to do it for himself, and for the city to improve from the segregational state they're in. In our society, we see obligation everyday. Jobs, school, sports, anything people do they can feel obligated. It's just the way we are as humans and it's in our nature to not want to do something completely, and can't get out of doing that task.

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We chose this picture of obligation, because it clearly shows that some obligations are just a weight on our shoulders that have to be carried. Sometimes with obligations, you don't have an option on what has to be done. Most of the time, doing the obligation, is the right decision, even when it's a pain to complete.