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10th Grade Football Clark vs. Shepton 10.15.15

Making Our Mark Visual Arts Staff Exhibition

Reba Roberson attended the Making Our Mark Visual Arts Staff Exhibition at the Cox Building this past Friday night. This exhibition features artwork created by the Visual Arts teachers in the PISD. The pieces featured below were created by our very own Clark Art teachers. Not only are they art teachers, but clearly, they are also talented artists as well.
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I had the privilege on Monday to attend the PISD/RISD Library Expo at the Sockwell Center. One of the hot topics this year was teaching Digital Citizenship in High School. Digital Citizenship means we know and practice the norms of technology use.

At the secondary level we are faced with teaching the “application” and the “why” of digital citizenship. Our job is to get students to “think through” certain technology behaviors and see value in behaving as “good digital citizens.” Although many schools have access to technology and BOYD (Bring Your Own Device), there is often no single class where digital citizenship is taught. This is where the School Media Specialist and the Classroom Teacher come to the rescue.

How can regular (non-tech teaching) teachers bring Digital Citizenship into their classroom?

One technique our presenter used with us was Verbal Modeling. For instance, she began her presentation by asking if she could take a selfie with the class. After getting our permission she took our picture and showed it to us (yes there were a few that didn’t want a picture and moved out of the shot). Then she asked if it would be OK if she tweeted this picture out. We all agreed she could tweet it out and she did. This seemed like obvious courtesy to me, but do our students know this? We know our kids often take sneaky pictures of each other and maybe even (gulp) us. Do they actually know why this is wrong? Do they actually think through the consequences of sharing certain images? We know many of them don’t. Something as simple as demonstrating and talking through a technological act like a “selfie” can send a strong message. You can bet in the next few weeks, I’m going to be modeling the “selfie request” up in the library!

If you are interested in learning more about teaching Digital Citizenship I recommend checking out Common Sense Media . This site has a lot of valuable information including posters and toolkits.

This week’s Instructional Focus

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Watch from 7:30-11:30 of the video below to better understand “Reinforcing Effort and Providing Recognition"

The First Three Marzano Strategies

Other Reminders

  • Just a quick reminder that all teachers are expected to update their grades each Monday by 5:00 p.m. Naturally, a lengthy essay, long project, or listening exam may take longer to grade, but all daily work and scantron type quizzes and tests should be recorded by 5:00 p.m. on Mondays for any work from the previous week.
  • Progress reports for the 2nd 6 weeks will be run at 9:00 a.m on October 21st.
  • We will have a lockdown drill at the beginning of 3rd period on October 22nd.
  • Equal Opportunity Schools Staff Survey must be completed by Friday, October 30th.
  • Amy Tang and her staff will be serving their yummy Thanksgiving Feast early this year. It will be in the cafeteria on Thursday, November 5th. Don’t miss it!!
  • The deadline to complete the mandatory SafeSchool Videos is December 18th.