Cold Food

(Holding and Serving)

Equipment Needed:

-Labels (to label food for dates, etc.)

-Containers (store and hold food in)

-Gloves (to prevent contamination of any sort)

-Utensils (tongs, etc. for picking up food to prevent contamination)

-Sanitizers/Cleaners (to clean the equipment)

Do's and Don'ts


-label food with time removed from fridge and time it should be thrown out.

-hold food at 41 degrees or lower

-make sure food doesn't exceed 70 degrees

-make sure for is not sitting out for more than 6 hours

-use gloves, tongs, etc. to pick up, prep, and serve food


-let food reach temperatures over 70 degrees

-hold food at over 41 degrees

-make bare-hand contact with any of the food (use gloves, tongs, etc.)

serve food that has reached temp. of over 70 degrees, or if it has sat out for more than 6 hours.

Proper Techniques to Ensure Safety

-Hold food at 41 degrees or lower before removing it from the refrigerator.

-Only hold cold food without temperature control for six hours maximum.

-Label the food with the time you removed it from the refrigerator and the time you should throw it out.

-Make sure the temperature of the food does not exceed 70 degrees while being served.

-If food reaches above or below the temperatures it should be, reject the food.

-Sell, serve, or throw out the food within six hours.

-Use deli sheets, tongs, gloves, etc. to avoid any bare-hand contact with the food.

-Make sure the person that comes in contact with the food has washed hands.

-All utensils and equipment used should be clean and sanitized very well.