Viking Technology

Central Cabarrus High School-Holiday Edition

Social Media Integration

Like it or not, students are always connected. Social media pulls them in and they LOVE it. Want to grab their attention? Integrate social media professionally and educationally into your content area.
Flickr is a photo sharing site. Many educators are using flickr in the classroom! My favorite is "Tell a story in 5 frames." Check out the great ready made lessons!
Encourage your students to create an "educational" twitter account, used just for your class! It is good practice to keep their personal one strictly personal. As the teacher create a class twitter account. Keep it strictly professional as well. Create a classroom social network! Here are some ways to use twitter in your classroom:

50 Ways to Use Twitter in the Classroom

Twitter in the Classroom-Also a Research Tool

Twitter in Education

Twitter Ready Made Rubric

Tweet as a Historical Person

Twister: Create Fake Historical Twitter Accounts

Instagram can be used in a variety of ways also! See lesson plans and activities that integrate Instagram into the classroom:

Classroom Ideas

Historical Selfies

English Idea

Instagram Template

Instagram Template (google)

Speaking of Photos...

Remember to teach your students that all google images are not fair use. Educate them on properly obtaining photos to use for projects. Here is a list of free links that have public domain images!

Last but not least, APP SANTA!

I wanted to share a great website that Mr. Balga shared with me called App Santa. You can get apps up to 80% off through December 26th!

Ashley Short

Instructional Technology Facilitator

Central Cabarrus High School