Ursa Minor

Myth About the Ursa Minor

Ursa Minor symbolizes Callisto, the daugher of Lacoon of Arcadia, they hunted with the goddess of Artemis and was one of her favorite attendants. Zeus saw Callisto when visiting the forest one day and thought she was beutiful. He discuised himself as Artemis so he could get close to Callisto. Then he revealed his true idenity and seduced her.Callisto became pregnaent and was banished by Artemis, Callisto gave birth to a son named Arcas. Shortly afte, Hera, Zeuses jelous wife and sister, changed Callisto into a bear. In this form, Callisto wandered the forest.

Fun Facts!

*The little dipper is in the Ursa Minor.

* The North star is one of the stars in the Ursa Minor

* The Ursa Minor is one of the constellations that led slaves to freedom.


The Ursa Minor is located in the Northern sky, the tail is the and of the Little Dipper.

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