"Eilat" Summer Camp

Come and join the most fun summer camp

Tuns of fun, team-building activities, pool day, and a lot of more surprises

If you look some where to be in summer, come and join the "Eilat" summer camp.

Instead ly on bed all day and watch TV, come to enjoy and make a lot of new friends.

So when? where? How much is this cost? what will be there?

When: in 1st July- 21th July.

Where: In Isrotel, Agamim hotel (Eilat).

Ages: 12-16

How much is this cost: 1500 NIS (until the 20th in June).
2000 NIS (from the 21th in June until the 30th in June).

What will be there: Pool day, smimming with dolphinds, team building activities, competitions beteen teams, movie day, trips in many sites in Eilat and in the end we will have a big party.

What to bring: swimming suit, towel, sport shoes, slippers, short and warm clothes, toothbrush and toothpaste, socks and change of clothes.