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People mistake Zinc for dull and boring, but its actually pretty interesting. Zinc is a metallic palish blue color and it is solid at 298 K. The symbol for Zinc is Zn and its atomic number is 30. Zinc was discovered in germany in 1746 by Andreas Marggraf zinc comes from the german word "Zink". Zinc is in group 12 period 4. Zinc boiling point is 1180 and it's melting point is 692.68.
There's more than Zinc than meets the eye. Zinc is also in multiple things we us every day, batteries, screw e.t.c.

Frequently asked questions

What is Zinc used for?

Zinc is used to galvanize metals.

Do we have zinc in our body?

Yes, For every pound you have, you have about 0.014982 grams of Zinc in your body.