Cultural IQ

To provide equitable education, educators must assess their own culture and learn to manage the dynamics of difference.

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Learning Objective

Teachers will understand the importance of culturally relevant teaching by speaking using the following phrase:

"It is important to incorporate culturally relevant teaching because...."

We must first examine where we are from before we analyze the cultures of others.

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Fortune Cookie

Let's get to know each other! How can you relate your fortune to your personal or professional life?
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100 People
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Blind Spot, Segment 1
Write down 3 things you brought with you to the session that are in your "mental baggage."
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What is Culture?

· Culture is the "lens" through which you view the world.

· It is central to what you see, how you make sense of what you see and how you express yourself.

· It is a shared system of meanings, beliefs, values, behaviors through which experience is interpreted and carried out

It includes:

Economic Status


Ethnic background






Consider the difference between DEEP and SURFACE culture...

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Blind Spot, Segment 2

How are M&Ms like Cultural IQ?

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Let's examine Irving ISD data down to 100 students!

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Blind Spot, Segment 5

How can make this child's experience a little easier?

Believing in My Culture and Religion
toast for change

What is your toast for change this year?

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This Could Be One of Your Students

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