Terrorism or Terror??

By: Katherine

Terrorism has been making a big impact on the world today, that's why I want to inform you on the start, what'd going on, and solutions to fixing it.

The Start

  • Every since 9/11 (a terroristic attack on the Twin Towers in New York, NY) the world has different every since those terrorist attacks.
  • Kitfield writes, "Yes, the al-Qaeda that attacked the United States on 9/11 has been devastated by a decade of drone strikes and arrests in Pakistan. But Qaeda affiliates and sympathetic Islamic extremist groups have proliferated to fill that void, especially in the revolution-riled Middle East and Africa".
  • Even though al-Qaeda was ended, more people have decided to fill the void and replicate what they have done.

What's been Happening...

  • Kitfield writes, "It's why the U.S. intelligence budget has more than doubled since 9/11 to more than $75 billion annually, and why the number of FBI Joint Terrorism Task Forces has grown from 26 to more than 100".
  • Every since 9/11 the US has been having to increase their efforts to protect the US, because like the fact says Terrorist groups have started to evolve & grow.
  • But recently terrorist attacks have been happening more frequently. In December the San Bernardino attacks were linked to terrorism. But even before that in November a huge terrorist attack in Paris killed 130 people.

The Solution

  • Kitfield writes, "So, despite an insistence that things will change after Afghanistan, the counterterrorism model born there will live on to fight a war that is not going away".
  • There is no solution at this point, which is scary. But watching a presidential debate could lift your spirits, but for now nothing. The war won't just go away.

Source Information

Source MLA: Kitfield, James. "Inside America's Shadow War on Terror--and Why It Will Never End." National Journal. 15 May. 2014: n/a. eLibrary. Web. 09 Feb. 2016.
Credibility: James Kitfield is a Senior Fellow & Senior correspondent of the National Journal, He has also written 2 books, one about War & another about Soldiers

Accuracy: The facts & research are relevant with other articles I have read

Reliability: It is clearly stated as a fact, there are no opinions & the other is not one sided

Relevance: This article will help me inform people on terrorism & it's harmful repercussions

Date: 5/15/14