Master Chef

By: Alayna Price

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Is it good?

Master Chef is a show about cooking. The chef is Gordon Ramsay. He is an amazing chef who likes the best to win. This show is full of many people who all want the same thing, to win. Gordon has partners in the show such as Graham, Joe, and the only girl from this year is Christina Tosi. One day I hope one of my family members (maybe me) can go on.
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Do You Know Gordon Ramsay?

This show is filled with wonders and food that you have to cook. This chef, Gordon Ramsay, is the head chef and the host of many of his original shows. Gordon is a rule setter; he sets rules like, the contestants can't use canned food. All dishes have to be original and made from scratch. Master Chef junior is fun for the children, but not always for Chef Ramsay and other judges as seen in the picture above.
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The Show is Interesting to know

In this show there are many hard group challenges. Master Chef has been on for 5 years (almost 6 years). Also kids and adults can cook but not together on the season. Contestants have a limited amount of time while in the pantry picking their ingredients. The object of the show is to eliminate contestants every week, based on how well each person cooks that week until there is a winner.
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We the winners

There are 22 people fighting to win and become the next Master Chef. The winner of the first round gets to pick out the food everyone will cook. That same person is excused from the challenge and gets to watch the others from the balcony. The contestants have to fight hard every week, if they give up they lose. If you lose whats the hope of going on the show. The winner of the show gets a trophy with the mater chef logo on it and $100,000.
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This ends here

In conclusion Master Chef is an awesome opportunity. It helps people learn new recipes and improve their cooking skills. There is a whole website full of interesting things about cooking. Master Chef will always go on with more people and won't end for a long time. Please, if you think you have what it takes to be on this show than look for the website, see what you have to do, and then sign up and take a once in a life time shot at becoming the next Master Chef! Remember do not ever give up on yourself, always follow your heart and make your dreams come true.