The movie that was made to prove anything is possible.

Proof for Thesis

As you watch the movie you see the team go through a lot of training and practice just to get better and struggles are thrown at them such as the loss of a player due to a injury, but that still dosent stop them from winning state.


The purpose of this film is to show that determination is the key and without determination you cannot get to what you want. Another reason of purpose is to show you need to use team work at times even if it includes being around someone you do not like. Also the third point of purpose is you shouldn't just give up, you should try, try, try again.

The film achieved its purpose upon it's cast without these three characters it wouldn't have had much meaning.



The film helped me realize that if you didn't try your best to get along with someone you dislike or someone who dislikes you, you would not be able to have any sort of "feat of strength". Also, the movie helped you realize that if you give up you wont get what you want, you need to keep trying. Most importantly succession is not given, it is earned/worked for depending on if that is what you strive for.