Prescati Island

We protect and serve!

See the Green, the branches of Prescati Island

The branches are legislative, executive, judicial and the newest cultural. Legislative branch holds the congress, makes laws and establishes taxes. Executive branch holds the President, makes sure laws are carried out and commands the armed forces (military). Judicial branch holds the supreme court, decides what laws mean and decides if laws follow the constitution. Cultural is for foreign people translating the presis speeches and speaks for their rights.

How the Government is Handled and Chosen

The presi (president) is chosen by the people for fairness and campaigning and the supreme court chosen by the President, Congress chosen by the Supreme court and they all have to have college degrees.

Taxes too High?

Come on down because the taxes will be low and they will only be using your money for helping the country like the roads, schools and most buildings. All of the country will pay, but you only have to pay a 4th of your salary every year.

Still feel unsafe? Prescati's type of government

Prescati Island has a democratic/republic, Democratic means majority rule and republic means ruled by law. So you can vote, but people can't over take your house or your country. That is why Prescati wants you to feel the safety!