Fourth Grade News

For the Week of October 12, 2015

There is no school Monday or Tuesday! Due to the short week, there will be no spelling words or spelling homework :(

This week's focus

Reading - individual goals, partner reading, and summarizing

Writing - personal narratives

Math - review of ordering numbers, comparing numbers, rounding, and standard, word, and expanded form

Science - researching and creating rock cycle posters

Social studies - latitude and longitude

Student of the Week!

Brooke is a very kind girl who wishes to become a teacher when she is older. Her favorite subject is math, and she loves the book Lost and Found. Plus, her favorite color is pink, and she has a pet named Sadie. She did not mention what kind of an animal Sadie is, so hopefully she will tell us this week. I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about Brooke, and I hope Brooke enjoyed sitting in the comfy chair this past week as well!
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Squeaky-clean Award

This week the Squeaky-clean Award was presented to Dan. Dan tries hard to keep his desk and supplies neat and orderly. Sometimes it can be a struggle to always put things in their proper place, but Dan does a nice job trying to stay on top of it. Excellent work Dan!
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Students of the month nominated for "Cheerful" were Megan and Cole. These two individuals always have smiles on their faces!! Congratulations!!!

Reminders and other activities in the classroom

Math test will be pushed forward to Friday, October 16. Please remember to bring home your notebook to study.

We have been using "Chatterpix" in the classroom during our writing activities. Chatterpix is a program where you take a picture of the student's work, draw a mouth on it, and then the student can speak, which brings their writing to life. The students have been loving them. I choose four students per writing assignment and send a personal email to their parents. Every child will have the opportunity to experience this fun and exciting technology. If I can figure out how to attach them to my Smore, I will be sure to do that.

Education in action!