Pride and Prejudice Project

Kelly Nguyen

Analysis: Relationship Between Two Characters

Kelly Nguyen

English IV

Mrs. Dearman

24 November, 2013

In the beginning of the book, Darcy and Elizabeth both met each other at a ball that’s how their relationship happened. When Elizabeth’s first met Darcy, her first impression of him wasn’t very pleasant, and she didn’t like his character very much either. Elizabeth didn’t know much about Darcy, she only knows about his character, but not for his true self or even get to know him well. Darcy’s first impression of Elizabeth when he met her at the ball, he sees her as a boring, uneducated, and not very intelligent woman. Darcy wasn’t very interested into anyone or to any woman since the beginning of the chapters of the book.

There were obstacles in Darcy and Elizabeth’s relationship, as Elizabeth has the judgment towards people by her first impression of them. Darcy has a problem that he shows his pride towards other people, and he can be arrogant about his higher standard than other people. Then later in the chapters of the book, Darcy overcomes his pride by his well-manners, he has become more social, and respectful towards other people. While Elizabeth has overcome her prejudice, she’s no longer judge someone by looks or impressions, she finally gets to know someone better than to judge someone. Elizabeth and Darcy have their obstacles, but somehow they have managed to overcome their own obstacles as well. Lady Catherine was another obstacle that Darcy and Elizabeth have to go with, as Lady Catherine does not want Elizabeth to marry Darcy, so Darcy could marry Lady Catherine’s daughter instead.

The relationships have end up pretty well, as Elizabeth and Darcy had overcome their obstacles, they both see many new lights in each other. Darcy kept seeing Elizabeth at the ball and he’s becoming fonded of her, and he loves her for who she is. Whenever Darcy had confess to Elizabeth that he likes her and he wanted to marry her, then she refuses the proposal, Darcy wrote a letter about Mr. Wickham and along with Jane and Mr. Bingley. Elizabeth read the letter, and she truly understands about the truth on what happening with him and Mr. Wickham, and why he interfered the relationship with Jane and Mr. Bingley. Then after the letter, Darcy and Elizabeth didn’t see each other for a while. The time they that Darcy and Elizabeth didn’t see each other, Elizabeth started to see a new light in him. Later, when Darcy and Elizabeth met again for a long time, Elizabeth see Darcy had changed his characters towards her, and Elizabeth started to get fonded with him. When Darcy and Elizabeth have overcome their obstacles, they both suddenly surrendered their love for each other.

In the next twenty years, Elizabeth and Darcy are already married. Lady Catherine accepted the marriage of Darcy and Elizabeth, even though she still refuses the engagement and the marriage. Elizabeth and Darcy are very happy with each other, and they both have a good life. Elizabeth gets to live in a good home, she already have the good wealth, she have a husband that she loves very much, and she already have her own sons and daughters to take care of. Lastly, Darcy would be very happy to be with Elizabeth as a wife, and he would be taking good care of his children.

Poem: All About Love

When someone is in love,
The person is too blind to notice the other's feelings.
Love is an amazing feeling,
Though it can be bitter and complicated.
Love can be started out with hate,

Then it later turned out to be "I miss you" or "I love you."

Complicated love is a mixed match heart,
That can not explain the feelings for one another.
Only the heart knows the truth of love,
That love for a person is special.

Poem: Complicated Love

When one is prideful,
While the other is prejudice,
It causes big complication of feelings.
The one that is prejudice,
That person have the misconceptions of one's pride.
While the other person got the pride,
It shows the higher standards of oneself.
As situations wasn't anymore complicated,
Things got more clearer and understanding,
The two have fallen for each other, dearly.