Settling Into Greece

By: Addy Tucker

The Mediterranean

Traveling from Italy to Greece was very hard, I had to sneak past guards late at night to get to the boat dock, He charged me extra and that was the money I was going to use to trade with. Traveling across the sea was hard, I had little food and water. Using the Stars to navigate was hard, I got lost twice. I was on the sea for 4 weeks, I had gotten sea sick at 1 week.


I have been settling good in Greece winch is in the content on Europe. Its a peninsula like Italy and kind of has the same landscape. I have 2 colonies so far, I live in a small house near the capital Athens and the land here reminds me of a more Mountain like landscape of Italy. I will need to connect with some other colonies and start to grow some crops. I have 3 goats so far,1 horse and 2 sheep. I am doing good but I have some work to do to successfully live here.