Discriminating and Womanizing

Make Lemonade

Discrimination in Past America

  • African Americans were faced with challenges throughout most of the 1900's.
  • The whites eventually came to the idea of terrorism.
  • They lynched, mob like fashion to harm or steel from a person, burned, and whipped African Americans just for trying to live normal and not have to be segregated.
  • By the end of the 19th century there was almost 2,500 lynchings in the Southern community.
  • They weren't allowed the proper education and were derived of things not only like education but also economically, socially, and politically.
  • Mississippi spent only three dollars a year on a black child's education.
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Current Discrimination in America

  • Macy's dropped Donald Trump because of the comments he made about Mexican immigrants.

Donald Trump Petition

  • Macy's received around 700,000 signatures on a petition to discontinue Donald Trumps merchandise.

Examples of Discrimination in the World Today

  • Some example of discrimination are harassment, inappropriate jokes, name calling, color sex or gender, and sexual orientation.
  • Another type of discrimination is wage discrimination. This is when a woman or new immigrant with the same job and similar work ethic as a man is payed less money.
  • There is also sex discrimination like getting fired for being pregnant.
  • There is also discrimination when buying a house. If the landlord won't sell the apartment to you because of your age that is age discrimination.
  • If you want kids and the landlord tells you that you can't have kids that is considered discrimination based on family status.

Ups Pregnant Worker Discimination

UPS was putting a worker who was pregnant at the time on unpaid leave. This is discrimination. It isn't fare to not pay someone while they are pregnant. especially because of how expensive it is to pay for and support a baby. The woman had told the manager the manager that she couldn't lift heavy boxes. She requested the lighter ones. They had already given that position to other workers with similar predicaments. She said that the company didn't follow protocol when she was pregnant. Therefore she sued the company, and won the case in a six-three vote.

Discriminating Kids you Don't Know: My Own Views

I believe that kids discriminate each other without even knowing them because maybe there different and have different qualities. To the discriminator that person is different from them and might even be scared of them for there own reasons. That doesn't make it okay to hurt them and leave them out. Just because they are not the same as you doesn't mean you can't except them for who they are and be friends with them. You never know someone could be doing the same thing to you and it just continues on and on with basically no end.

Holding Prejudice Ideas and Opinions Against People You Don't Know

  • Kids learn how to be prejudice through example they see all throughout society.
  • Maybe the parents don't do or say anything prejudice the children could pick up the knowledge from other people as they see and hear what they do.
  • To make sure our future as a society is good we have to learn from and teach our children to work side by side and not look at what color there skins are or where there from.
  • If we don't shape the young society they will grow up to think that it is okay to discriminate and and actually will do it without even knowing.

Major Events in Woman Rights History

  • August 26, 1920 The 19th Amendment was signed into law by Bainbridge Colby. It gave the woman the right to vote.


  • Birth control pill is approved by the food and drug administration.


  • Margaret Sanger founded the American Birth Control which then became the planed parenthood federation in America in the 1940's


  • First birth control clinic is open in Brooklyn, New York and is closed just ten days later and the creator, Margaret Sanger, was arrested. She eventually won her case and was released and ended up creating another one in New York City.

March 22, 1972

  • The Equal Rights Amendment is passed by congress. It was then sent to the states for confirmation. It said that every one has equal rights no matter your sex.


  • A safe and legal abortion law is set up by the supreme court which discards all of the other states laws on anti-abortion.

Women's and Men's treatment in America Today

  • 45% say that men are treated favorably and only 9% say that women are treated favorably.
  • In 1993 the percentages were very different 23% said women and men were treated equally and 62% said that guys were favorably treated.
  • Around half of the men say women and men are treated equally but only 34% of women agree with that. While 53% of women say that men are favorably treated. Some men actually agree with them around 36%.
  • Pew Research Center 2013


  • 29% of the adults in our society say that there has been a difference in the workplace between men and women.
  • 67% say that the workplace still has to make an effort to make the workplace a safer and healthier workplace.
  • 61% of men agree with that statement while 72% of women also agree.
  • Pew Research 2013

Equal Pay

  • It is said that men have been known to make more money than women and 55% of adults agree with that statement.
  • Some people around 38% think that women and men with the same job make the same amount of money.
  • During a tally in 1982 70% of people said that men and women with the same job made different amounts of money ,men being the ones making more.
  • Pew Research Center 2013

Women and Men in America Currently

  • Countries around the world today still don't allow their women dress the way they want, purchase property, or even vote.
  • In Saudi Arabia women can't even drive.

Trafficking Women

  • 700,000 people are trafficked each year.
  • Most women are only trafficked for sexual exploitation.
  • Rainbow Organization

Honor Killings in Middle East

  • The killings are usually for homosexual acts that isn't with their married partner, wanting to get a divorce from an arranged marriage, and even dressing in an inappropriate way.
  • Turkey has no way of protecting their women. Not even a place of some kind for them to get away from their abuser.

Famous Woman's Rights Leaders: Susan B. Anthony

  • Susan B. Anthony campaigned against slavery, but also campaigned for women's working rights.
  • She campaigned in a movement called the temperance.
  • She also toured around the United States to give women's rights speeches.

Alice Paul: 1885-1977

  • Alice went to London where she joined a suffragist Emmeline Pankhurst's movement.
  • Alice learned she could use civil disobedience against the people she was fighting.
  • She brought all of her learned knowledge back to a group called National American Suffrage Association.
  • Her biggest thing she wanted to change was suffrage amendment.

Maria Bello

  • Maria Bello is an actress who is most known for E.R., Cooler, A History of Violence, and Prisoner.
  • She started a Dream yard project in the Bronx for drama.
  • She helped women and families after the earthquake in 2010.
  • Ever sense she was a little kid she wanted in human rights law.

Make Lemonade Connections

  • When Jolly was harassed at work by her boss she was being discriminated.
  • Her boss singled her out and sexually harassed her and didn't respect her personal space because of the way she looked.
  • She is to do her best for her children and making there life better for there on good.
  • She even went back to school which women used to not be able to do because they were supposed to stay home and be house wives.
  • She had the choice to go and did which helped her save her daughters life.If women weren't allowed to go to school still her little girl would have died and never gotten to grow up and be an adult.

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