Pistol Shrimp

By Josh Bridgford Period 2

Where I shall live

I have the ability to live in sea grass, oyster reefs, and coral reefs. I am also abundant in the Florida's Mangrove areas. In the Intertidal zone I live in the mid to low tide area.

What I am scared of....?

I am scared of salinity changes and wave action. The way i survive these things by having a burrow in the sand.

I am of how many appendages..?

I am of 19 appendages and that includes my antennae and jointed legs.


I eat by paralyzing my food from a sonic boom from my claw. The food I like to eat are other shrimps and smaller fish. But, I am scared of larger fish, seals, squid, cuttlefish, and octopuses.

Crazy stuff that I do?

I have the ability to send a 62 mph bubble bullet at my pray from my big claw. This is what paralyses the prey. I also have the ability to live with a companion like a goby fish. This relationship is formed because the goby will be a watch dog for the shrimp while the shrimp would clean the home they live in.


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