The Marie Murphy Update

16 April 2021 Edition

MM IAR and ISA Testing Begins Next Week

Earlier today, Mr. Palcer sent an email to all families notifying them that IAR & ISA testing will begin next week. All 6th-8th grade students will take IAR tests which assess knowledge and skills in ELA and math. All 8th-grade students will take additional ISA tests which assess knowledge and skills in science.

The impact of testing on the daily schedule varies for onsite and remote students, so please review the information in the email carefully. A quick summary of the email is provided below.

Onsite Students:

  • Week of April 19-23: Onsite students will take a variety of IAR and ISA tests Monday-Thursday. Friday, April 23 will be a normal, Maroon Day schedule.
  • Week of April 26-April 30: Regularly scheduled Gold and Maroon Day classes.

Remote Students:

  • Week of April 19-23: IAR & ISA testing is not available this week for remote students. The remote students should follow this schedule so they know what classes to zoom into at what times.
  • Week of April 26-April 30 (and May 3rd as well): Regularly schedule Gold and Maroon Day classes from 8:00-1:50. Then, remote students are invited to come to MM each day after regularity scheduled classes to take the IAR tests onsite.

Creating standardized testing opportunities for both onsite and remote students creates a lot of variance in the daily schedule, so thank you in advance for your continued flexibility and patience. We appreciate it greatly!

Scenes Around MM

All Classes, All Kids, All Teachers!

For the first time in over a year, all students have the opportunity to take all classes onsite with all teachers! The adoption of a modified onsite daily (MOD) schedule upon our return from Spring Break last week created the opportunity for students to have all of their classes onsite if they chose.

As a result of the schedule switch, it is wonderful to welcome back Art, Creative Writing, French, Music, Spanish, and Theater classes for onsite learning!

Upcoming FAN Events

New Trier High School and the Family Action Network (FAN) present numerous outstanding presenters and topics throughout the year. Check out their next upcoming events below to see if there is something of interest to you or your family.

Parking Lot Patience

If you drive your child to or from school, you know that the MM parking lot has been crowded since our move to a MOD schedule. Unfortunately, there isn't a magical solution. However, here are a few reminders to help make the experience more safe.

Entering the Lot

  • When turning into the parking lot, please use your turn signal. This helps cars exiting the lot know what direction you are heading.
  • Please keep a lookout for students on the Illinois Road sidewalk who biking and walking. Walkers, bikers, and cars are converting at the entrance to the lot, so please be careful. As the weather gets nicer, more kids will walk or bike to school.

When you are in the lot, just be as patient as you can. I know that is easier said than done, but everyone is trying their best to be as quick and safe as they can.

Exiting the Lot
  • When exiting the lot, please consider making a right-hand turn on to Illinois Road. With so many cars turning into the lot, the visibility needed to exit safely to the left is difficult. Plus, by making a right, you avoid the Illinois-Hibbard intersection congestion too!
  • Just like above, walkers and bikers wanting to head west on the Illinois Road sidewalk converge on the exit of the parking lot. Please be aware of them.

None of these suggestions are epiphanies of traffic management, but they will keep everyone a bit safer as you spend way more time in the parking lot than you'd like!