Did Paul McCartney Die In 1966

By: Brendan Westcott


In 1966 the Beatles Paul McCartney was said to have died in a car accident. It all started when Beatles fanatics sent out articals on Paul McCartneys death. John Lennon in Strawberry Fields Forever states that he burried Paul (Paul is Dead, 2016). As well as in the Abbey Road Album the album cover shows John Lennon wearing all white. Ringo is the mourner. George wearing deinned jeans which shows the grave digger. Paul no shoes walking out of step holding a ciggerette which is known as a coffen nail (Paul is Dead,2016).

The Car

Paul MacCartneys car was completly obliterated going up in flames and all. The crash took place in 1966 in London England

My Thinking

I think that Paul McCartney died in 1966 due to a car accident in London ,England.