The Road Cormac McCarthy

Can you survive the apocalypse?


The two main characters are the boy and his father. the boy is 8 through 10 and he is very brave. the man has to keep himself and the boy alive, but the apocalypse has happened and if the bad guys catch them they will kill them. Also the


To overcome obstacles, you must be brave and never give up. The boy and the man never stood down even in the face of certain death. For example, when the bad guys found them hiding in the woods, the man had to shoot one of the bad guys, and they escaped. If he just gave up, the bad guys would have captured them and tortured them.

How does the theme apply to your life?

If I give up, I will not achieve anything that I want to do or be. In a soccer game, if you are losing 4-0, don’t’ give up. One time when we were down, I kept trying and we ended up winning.

Important Scene

This is an important scene because it shows how weary they have to be to not get killed.

Other Important Scenes

Point Of View

3rd person because the narrator tells you what the boy and the man are feeling and the actions from above, not just from the author’s perspective.