Internet Safety

Top Secret

1. Keep your personal information top secret.

Don't give your address or passwords out.

Think about the things you post about yourself for the world to see.

2. Be careful who you trust online.

Only talk to people you know and never meet anyone outside.

Don't trust anything that doesn't have HTTPS.

3. Know your privacy settings and be careful who you friend.

Don't friend strangers things could happen.

Strangers could find you with you not being private.

4. Protect your passwords

Protect your passwords don't use something that a criminal could guess.

Don't use your name or birth date that friends could guess.

5.Know and avoid internet schemes and scams.

Ignore pop-ups that could take your information.

Don't fill personal information for a prize....its a scam.

6. Think before you post.

After you click share its out there for everyone to see and isn't coming off.

Ask yourself would I say this to someone's face?