William penn the founder of PA

By: Lexus pianta


Did you no William penn help find and name Pennsylvania. William penn was religious boy from the star. He joined the Quakers and dreamed of religious freedom. He stared the colony of Pennsylvania. William penn was an intelligent man who fought his beliefs.

Early life

William penn was born in London England on October 14,1944. His father sir William penn was an admiral and landowner who had been knighted by Charles II ,his mother. At Christ the college university in 1660,but was expelled for school criticizing the Church of England. When William penn returned at the Protestant academy in 1664, he briefly studies laws. William penn was a well educated man.


Penn met Quaker preachers who asked him to join their faith. Penn began to fight for freedom for this marginalized and frequently prosecuted religious group. In the late 1660's Penn wrote several works about his new religious beliefs with the sandy foundation shaken 1668. As a result of his writings Penn was put in jail. while he was in jail he wrote no cross, no crown, another writing about the Quaker. Penn mairred a Quakers woman Gulielnean Maria springett in 1672, the couple had three children together. As you can see william penn was a wise ,an who felt strongly about his faith oow !!!!!!


By the 1670, penn was a very important person in the Quaker community. In 1675, was asked to resolve a land to organize the founding of Quaker colony In America. He married her in 1696 his wife Hannah with Noam he had seven children his first one die in 1696. Penn died in runs ombré ,in county of Berkshire ,England on July 39,1718. William penn was a very smart person who fight from the Quaker in Pennsylvania.


William penn was the find of the Pennsylvania. His father sent to France ,where he studied at the Protestant academy in saumur. Penn was arrested on further occasion on charge of illegal preaching and inciting a riot. Because penn was smart man he stared his own Quaker. William penn was a very thankful person to all of the people.


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