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October 2021-Edition 39


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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

Town Hall has reopened to the public, without the need for an appointment.

An advisory from the MA Department of Public Health (MDPH) has been issued for non-vaccinated and fully vaccinated people to wear a mask in public indoor settings in areas of substantial or high transmission.

Shrewsbury, Worcester County is now categorized as “high” level of community transmission. Therefore, all employees and visitors in all municipal buildings are required to wear a face mask.*

*Exemptions from the Mask Requirement: Those with medical and other eligible conditions.

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Departmental Update #2: Shrewsbury Fire Department

The Departmental Update begins HERE in the recording of the October 26, 2021 Board of Selectmen Meeting.

Chief Vuona introduced the mission statement of the Shrewsbury Fire Department, which is to, "Protect Life, Property and the Environment through Public Education, Fire Prevention and Emergency Response. Be helpful, courteous and professional." He explained their three different buildings; Fire Headquarters on Church Road, Station 2 on Harrington Ave, and Station 3 on Centech Boulevard. He also reviewed the equipment the department has, the staffing break down for each station, and training facilities available to them.

Chief Vuona outlined their staffing and personnel, which include 43 Full-Time Personnel. He has been working alongside the Town Manager to increase staffing of the Department. In 2021, they applied for a Federal SAFER Grant to add 4 additional personnel, but they did not receive the grant. Only 23% of applicants received that grant in 2021.

Chief Vuona broke down the calls they receive as well. Fires are only 5% of the calls they receive, medical calls make up 65 to 70% of the calls they receive. In 2021, calls for service are up 10% from the previous year. They project to do 4,400 to 4,500 calls this year; the most calls they have ever done as a department.

The Fire Department also plays a role in Commercial Projects and Developments in Town as they do inspections of buildings before they are open to the public.

Public Education is another part of the Fire Department's Mission and Firefighter Brendan Palumbo was named runner-up at the Massachusetts Public Education Conference on Fire and Life Safety, as Fire and Life Safety Educators of the year by the Department of Fire Services. His video can be found here. The Fire Department also receives a grant for free Smoke Detector installation. More information on this program can be found here. The Fire Department has received over $700,000 in grants since 2018. They have continued to stay up to date on technology for the department and utilize Lexipol for policies, procedures, and training.

Chief Vuona's full presentation can be viewed HERE.

October 2021 Board of Selectmen Meeting Highlights

Meeting recordings for October 12, 2021, October 18, 2021, October 19, 2021, and October 26, 2021 can be found below.

Board of Selectmen Meeting - Oct 12, 2021

Special Town Meeting October 18, 2021

Special Town Meeting - October 18, 2021
On October 18, 2021, the Town of Shrewsbury held their Fall Special Town Meeting at Oak Middle School Auditorium. Meeting information and materials can be found HERE. During the Board of Selectmen's Meeting on October 12, 2021, the Board voted on their recommendations for the articles on the Special Town Meeting Warrant. At that meeting they voted 4-1 to recommend Article 16. Prior to the start of Special Town Meeting on October 18, 2021, the Board discussed warrant Article 16 in light of comments received from the public and at the Finance Committee’s public hearing and voted 5-0 to recommend defeat of Article 16.
Joint Meeting of the Board of Selectmen & DEI Task Force - October 19, 2021
On October 19, 2021, the Board of Selectmen held a joint meeting with the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Task Force to hear a presentation on the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 2021 Final Report with Recommendations. The recording of the meeting is included above and the Final Report can be found HERE.
Board of Selectmen - October 26, 2021

Board of Selectmen Meeting

Tuesday, Nov. 9th, 7pm

100 Maple Avenue

Shrewsbury, MA

Selectmen's Meeting Room

Board of Selectmen Meeting

Tuesday, Nov. 23rd, 7pm

100 Maple Avenue

Shrewsbury, MA

Selectmen's Meeting Room

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