In what way does China impact Australia?

The way an Australian Chinese person has contributed to the Australian community- Bing Lee

Bing lee first came to Australia because of World War II and was penniless. He started a small buisness and it grew into a multi-million company as well as helping his fellow migrants by hiring them. He was a great role model and was working hard to get where he was. His son soon after followed his foot steps and contuined the buisness. Bing lee influenced Australia by helping others, working hard and being the founder of a successful buisness.

Trading and economy- China

China is the 2nd strongest country in the world because of its economy. It makes most of the products we use in our daily lives like electronics , computers and way much more for 60% of the world. This is because of its populations which is around 2 billion which leads to more workers that get payed less meaning a lot of profit for China. If something bad happens to China that means alot of countries will be affected since they rely and trade with China.

China's Goods

There are many fantastic things that are made in China.From warm,woolly clothes to colourful toys,practically everything we use is made in China. Most people ask “Why are most of the goods we use everyday made in China?” Well, the reason is because China pays their workers very little money,so they can employ more workers.The more workers, the more products and the more products, the cheaper the price. China will become a stronger country because of all the money they earn from all the products they sell.China loves to import and export things around the world.Some places at China are safe to work at but some aren't,lots of works get safety equipment,many don’t. Most countries rely on China.