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April 3, 2017

GoGuardian: Scenes

Chromebook teachers, you now have access to GoGuardian's newest, biggest feature yet: Scenes!

Scenes in GoGuardian Teacher lets you create fully customizable learning environments that can be tailored to the needs of each class period. Classroom management, custom lesson plans, and testing environments are now easier than ever, with supplemental blacklists that work alongside the GoGuardian Admin filter.

It’s already on and built into the GoGuardian Teacher dashboard.

You can learn more about Scenes on their blog and in the video below.

To make sure that you are able to make a scene with Scenes right away, we’ve prepared a suite of resources for getting started:

Lesson 1: Scenes Overview | GoGuardian Teacher Training

Adobe Spark in the classroom!

CES iCoach Misti Gardner used Adobe Spark last week in a science unit on the parts of a plant. You can check out the details of her lesson here:

Formerly Adobe Voice, Adobe Slate, and Adobe Post, Spark now rolls these three applications into one website for a streamlined experience. Now your students can create a really clean webpage, Social Media post, or video!

To get started, students can log in with their Google accounts without needing to remember another username and password. Once you’ve registered for an account, Spark can be used on any desktop device with any browser.

Prefer to use an app? Spark is available for iOS as three separate apps – Spark Page, Spark Post, and Spark Video. As with the site, you’ll need to log in to each app. Use the same account for all three apps and the website to ensure that projects sync across devices. If you have used Adobe Slate, Voice, or Post, the good news is that your projects are carried over to Adobe Spark.

Meet Adobe Spark

{More} Safari Montage Content

We have {more} new content available on our Safari Montage video on-demand system!

  • All-Star Orchestra Web Links: Web links to 44 videos for grades 5-Adult designed to encourage greater appreciation of classical music, hosted on YouTube. Meet the musicians, attend rehearsals, gain a conductor's perspective, and more.


Username: Email address

Password: Network login password

What it is: Safari Montage is a Video On-Demand and Digital Media Management/Distribution system. It contains up-to-date, Standards-based, content-aligned video as well as other types of digital media, such as digital images, audio, etc.