i- Pad News from Chesterbrook 815

What we knew, learned, and what we want to know


Started out the year with a review of SAMR.http://www.schrockguide.net/samr.html

Followed by....

Children using technology in the classroom (when schoolwork is not a chore).

Students getting creative with technology


We knew the definition of GRIT but demonstrating how we teach GRIT was another challenge.

Using i-Pads to create and learn

The following are examples of some of the children's works this year.

Password for first vimeo is respiratory

Students in first grade made commercials to advertise for Loudoun Mobile Hope - a collection of clothes and food for charity. Students worked in groups to plan and write scripts to use for their commercials. Then, we used the iPad to film!

Next vimeo

This student read Tuck Everlasting. In the book there was magic water. As a final project, the student had to create a commercial to convince people to buy the special water.(Password -nina)

Pages &Keynote

The students became very familiar with both apps.(password for both is nina)


A wonderful website to use as either an formative or summarize assessment.


2015-2016 Best websites and apps

Attached bookmarks helped our teachers search for websites and apps to use in their classrooms.

Next Year- Want to know.

Would want to do in-house broadcasting using technology in all classrooms.

How can teacher better use the i-Pad for instruction?